Tony Khan Describes Changes Made To AEW Creative After Full Gear

According to AEW owner Tony Khan, the company has been firing on all cylinders since their Full Gear pay-per-view last November, and there are two big reasons why that has been the case. Speaking to Mark Maron on the "WTF" podcast, Khan stated the company has largely regained a stable roster after months of injuries (and reported suspensions, though Khan did not directly mention the post-All Out brawl) left them scrambling to re-organize storylines at the top of the card. The second important factor Khan cites is a change in his organization method that has provided a different perspective on building out stories.

"I already had a schedule of what I had planned week-to-week, in different stories for different wrestlers, different matches or segments," Khan said. "At some point, I just kind of inverted it. I realized I should tip this over, and instead of looking at the dates and building it out, I kind of flipped what the columns were and what the rows were. ... Now I organize everything like this since Full Gear."

Khan elaborated that his chart features all the same information as before, but it's simply laid out in a different way that prioritizes looking at things storyline-by-storyline rather than show-by-show. By changing the way they look at ongoing and upcoming storylines, the company's coaches have been able to work with the wrestlers in individual matches to help build towards the "big match" down the line. From Khan's perspective, this has led to a new level of clarity and focus when it comes to the company's booking in recent months.

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