Dominik Mysterio Addresses Comparisons To 'NWO Wolfpac' Konnan

Since joining The Judgment Day, second-generation superstar Dominik Mysterio has fully embraced his dark side. And following his arrest and incarceration on WWE programming, Mysterio has exuded a new edge in how he carries himself — some of which may be attributed to his real-life godfather, the Lucha Libre legend Konnan.


Wrestling Inc. Senior Editor Nick Hausman talked with Dominik Mysterio before the Royal Rumble and asked him about the similarities in look and attitude that he currently shares with Konnan and whether or not it was intentional all along. "I had a flannel, and we made it work," Mysterio clarified. "And after that, I saw on the internet that I was just getting tagged in all the — like you said — NWO Konnan stuff and Wolfpac and Filthy Animals Konnan. And he reached out to me. He's like, 'Did you do that on purpose?' I was like, 'No, but now I will.'"

Dominik, whose father is the legendary Rey Mysterio, has changed quite a bit since turning on his dad. After accepting membership in The Judgment Day and starting a relationship with his Mami, Rhea Ripley, he has shown up at Mysterio family gatherings during the holidays to disrupt the peace. On Thanksgiving, he attacked his father, leaving Rey laid out in his own home. Then, Dominik was arrested for Christmas after attempting to do it again, which led to his incarceration. After being bailed out — after a very short time of being held — he adopted something of an urban gangster vibe, one that Konnan became known for. Konnan wore long-sleeve flannel shirts, sagged his pants, and integrated hip-hop culture and sayings in his promos.


After thinking about the comparisons between himself and Konnan, Dominick Mysterio seemed perfectly fine being aligned with his godfather. "Because who better than to pay homage to than one of my six godfathers, Konnan? And he's the man, too, so nothing but the best."