Backstage News On NXT Stars Potentially Working For Other Companies

Yesterday it was revealed by Bryan Alveraz that members of the WWE "NXT" roster will be allowed to appear on select independent promotions moving forward. This news was quickly elaborated on later Saturday night when Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion announced the start of a working agreement with the NXT brand starting on February 11.


However, according to Dave Meltzer on today's "Wrestling Observer Radio," the nature of this partnership has seemingly been lost in translation. While Ivy Nile will represent the Diamond Mine and "NXT" at the upcoming ROW event, Meltzer says that it may only be a one-off appearance. "Shawn Michaels actually said it was a one-time thing." Meltzer explained, "[Reality of Wrestling] expects that they will be able to get some NXT stars from time to time."

As a commentator for "NXT," it seems like common sense that Booker T could manufacture a relationship between his independent promotion and WWE's developmental brand. However, according to Meltzer, the question of whether other independent promotions may get the same opportunity in the future remains up in the air. "There are several other companies that have been talked to with the idea that they may be able to get NXT stars, but the [Reality of Wrestling] thing has to go well." Meltzer elaborated before speculating, "I think they're targeting companies that have a good relationship with AEW... that's part of it of course, too."


Meltzer then added the disclaimer that, with an impending sale of the WWE, people should be cautious about thinking too long-term. After all, it's entirely possible that the new owners will have different plans for utilizing talent.

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