Baron Corbin Loses More Than Just A Match On WWE Raw

WWE Hall of Famer JBL no longer wishes to be associated with Baron Corbin.

On the 2/6 edition of "WWE Raw" in Orlando, Florida, JBL reluctantly accompanied Corbin to the ring for his match against Dexter Lumis and did not take kindly to Corbin's eventual loss. In a subsequent backstage segment, JBL would officially dump Corbin as his on-screen client.

"There ain't no we," JBL responded to Corbin for trying to brush off his loss to Lumis. "I headlined WrestleMania, I sold out arenas all over the world, I was must-watch television. You are channel-changing television. That sound you hear when you enter the ring are remote controls around the world changing the channel to watch anything but you! And I don't give a damn about you. I give a damn about the fact that my Hall of Fame legacy, my championship-laden career, has lost all credibility because of you."

"Modern-day wrestling God? You are a clown. You do not belong near me," JBL added emphatically. 

A despondent Corbin vowed to better himself.

"John, where's this coming from? I can change, I can do better. I'll do better," Corbin said.

"You can't polish a turd. I tried," JBL responded. 

Going into Monday's show, Corbin had been on a 16-match losing streak dating back to his loss to Drew McIntyre on November 21, with his last victory coming against Akira Tozawa on November 14, 2022. As such, WWE was likely sowing the seeds for JBL to eventually dump Corbin as a client. The pair originally aligned on the October 17 "Raw" episode, following which Corbin notched up a series of televised wins against the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Johnny Gargano, and Cedric Alexander, but his fortunes changed for the worse since his aforementioned loss to McIntyre.

Fans on social media believe WWE could be bringing back Corbin's 2021 "bum ass" character, which was also triggered by a losing streak. The character eventually morphed to "Happy Corbin" after the poverty-stricken version of the wrestler turned his misfortunes around with a game of blackjack in Las Vegas