Cody Rhodes Talks Possible Involvement In WWE NXT Dusty Classic

Nearly every year since 2015, "WWE NXT" has featured the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, a tournament that earns the winning duo a prestigious trophy and a shot at the "NXT" Tag Team Championships. Last year, WWE even added a women's version of the tournament, with the inaugural winners being Alba Fyre and IYO SKY (f.k.a. Kay Lee Ray and Iyo Shirai)

Though it hasn't been confirmed if another Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will take place this year, Dusty's son, Cody Rhodes, spoke with Daily Mail about the potential of him being involved in the next edition of the tournament.

"When it comes to the Dusty Classic I'd love to do anything to be involved. It's obviously more NXT and that's where we're developing tomorrow's superstars today and you want to keep it in their wheelhouse. But I'd be more than happy to hand potentially Pretty Deadly that trophy or a different team 'cause there's so much good going on down there." 

Cody also emphasized that he wants Dusty to be represented fairly because promoters didn't always treat him properly when he was still an active wrestler. "WWE has done a great job in letting you know what he did, how he did it, and how it still affects what we do," he added.

As far as guaranteed content coming up that centers around Dusty Rhodes, Cody listed another project he is excited for fans to see. "The A&E documentary that I was able to be an executive producer on, his story, that is coming soon before WrestleMania — not to mention the Dusty Rhodes Classic [will likely happen]. One of the things that was obviously very appealing to me was that you're never not your father or your mother's son and it's important to me he cannot be there to protect and defend and explain his legacy."