AEW Fight Forever Receives Official Rating

As fans continue to wait for the eventual release of "AEW Fight Forever," recent reports suggested that the game's rating was the culprit in what was holding it up from hitting stores. AEW and game developer Yukes were looking for a "T For Teen" rating for their software, which the ESRB had rejected thus far. However, it looks like there's finally been some progress on that end of things with "AEW Fight Forever" finally securing a rating.


The ESRB now officially lists "AEW Fight Forever" with the "T for Teen" rating, citing "Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence" as to why. In addition, the ESRB's rating summary also confirms the inclusion of Barbed Wire Matches, Steel Cage matches, and the Stadium Stampede in the game.

A rundown of weapons contained in the game offers up the usual wrestling staples, like baseball bats and steel chairs — with barbed wire also added in — but it's the use of Molotov cocktails that is sure to pique the interest of many.  Crotch chops and butt slaps rank among some of the game's taunts, and for the women wrestlers in "Fight Forever," the ESRB seemed particularly perturbed with their deep cleavage and partially exposed buttocks.


A street date has still yet to go out for the video game, with AEW still pushing pre-order sales for whenever, but "AEW Fight Forever" now with a rating moves us closer to the finish line. Tony Khan has remained vague recently, just indicating that we'll be able to play it sometime this year.