Sami Zayn Addresses Possibility Of Bringing Back His Old Theme Music At WWE Elimination Chamber

Early on in Sami Zayn's WWE journey, his "Worlds Apart" entrance music became intertwined with who he was as a wrestler and how fans saw him. The ska-inspired song was a key component of his identity and presentation as he came through "NXT" and even when he initially moved up to the main roster. That tune faded to the background over time as Zayn embraced more heelish ways. But now that he is free from The Bloodline and back to his roots as an inspired underdog, there has been a real curiosity among fans as to whether or not Zayn may bring back his old-school music — and all its interactivity — heading into Zayn's title match against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber


During a recent interview with Tony Marinaro of "The Sick Podcast," Zayn talked about it as an idea. "If it were gonna come back, I feel like that would be the time and place to do it," he said. However, that doesn't mean such a thing is a guarantee. After all, he has his reasons for not wanting to fully embrace the past in this instance. "I've said this in other interviews: I feel like it would kind of be taking a step backward. I do think maybe a new song is in the cards. But that song — even though people do have a real fondness for it, it seems — it just feels like kind of from a character perspective taking a step backward. At the same time, doing it for a one-time thing in Montreal might be kind of cool, I don't know."


"Worlds Apart" is pretty well associated with a much more happy-go-lucky Sami Zayn and, after the Royal Rumble and the "SmackDown" that followed, it's safe to say that Zayn isn't that guy anymore. However, in a little over a week, we'll find out if Zayn calls back to the very same music he had when he did win the "NXT" Championship.