STARDOM Wrestler Himeka Announces Retirement

While wrestling fans are accustomed to seeing wrestlers retire later in their lives, it isn't uncommon for wrestlers, particularly joshi wrestlers in Japan, to retire young. So while the latest news out of World Wonder Ring Stardom may shock some fans, others will not be stunned to learn one of the promotion's younger stars is calling it quits.

Early on Friday morning, Stardom tweeted out the following regarding Himeka, a member of one of the promotion's top stables, Donna del Mondo.

"I will retire from wrestling in May," Himeka said. "5 years into my career, I'm 25 years old. I have no regrets about this. Only a few shows left. I will be big, strong and cute. I will run through to the end in my own way. Until the very end. Please support me until the very end."

Stardom later revealed both the date for Himeka's final match, and a retirement ceremony to be held in her honor. They also revealed Himeka's preferred final opponent, who happens to be her stablemate, tag partner, and close friend.

"Himeka has announced that she will retire from pro wrestling on April 23 at Yokohama Arena," Stardom tweeted. "She wants to face Maika in a singles match, for her retirement match. A retirement ceremony will take place on May 14 at Korakuen Hall."

Himeka joined Stardom in 2020, after working for promotions such as Actwres girl'Z, Pro Wrestling WAVE, and Ice Ribbon. She has since also appeared for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 15, and again at the New Japan/Stardom joint show, Historic X-over. With Maika, Himeka held the Goddess of Stardom Titles from February to April in 2021. The duo later won the Artist of Stardom Championships alongside stablemate Natsupoi, with their reign lasting from October 2021 to May 2022.