Jay White Must Leave Japan, But Not NJPW

With New Japan Pro-Wrestling's New Beginnings in Osaka show officially in the books, the much-anticipated result of the Loser Leaves Japan match between Hikuleo and "Switchblade" Jay White has been revealed.

The leader of the Bullet Club fell to Hikuleo in just over 25 minutes when the Tongan crushed White with a chokeslam. This result, along with White's subsequent show of respect to longtime rival Hiroshi Tanahashi, left many thinking that the Switchblade Era in NJPW is done, but "The Catalyst" of professional wrestling was quick to reassure NJPW fans that he isn't quite finished with the company in his backstage comments following the match.

After questioning whether he is still fit to lead the Bullet Club in his return to the United States, White made it clear that he has unfinished business in NJPW. "I'm not done there yet. I may be done here in Japan, but New Japan Strong, daddy is coming home!" White said before looking ahead to his match at the sold-out Battle in the Valley event against Eddie Kingston. "Daddy is coming to San Jose, and what else do I have to lose, Mr. Kingston? I've lost what I love."

White concluded his comments by sending his love to his Japanese fans, speaking in Japanese for the first time since his days as a Young Lion to say, "New Japan is my home. New Japan fans are my family. Thank you." He then switched back to English, saying, "You're welcome."

Despite White claim that he's focusing on NJPW Strong moving forward, reports of his departure from the company remain rampant. If he signs with WWE, we could be seeing the last of the Bullet Club leader in NJPW in the coming weeks and months.