Baron Corbin Continues Tirade After WWE Raw

In the aftermath of last night's "WWE Raw," Baron Corbin is understandably feeling frustrated and isn't afraid of expressing it to the world. Just a week after losing his WWE Hall of Fame manager JBL, Corbin appeared for an interview where he called his former mentor "the past" and went on to berate Cody Rhodes and his family, even his dog and his AEW star brother, Dustin Rhodes. This led to an impromptu match between Corbin and Rhodes, where Rhodes came out on top and maintained his undefeated streak in WWE. However, Corbin wasn't finished with his negative rants, and ran into Byron Saxton after "Raw" finished up.

""How many people are sitting out there? How many people are watching at home? You saw what happened to me last week," Corbin said. "Everyone's laughing, making a joke of my career. All I do is grind around here, Byron! I'm giving an interview trying to get out some of my frustrations, talking about who I've been and what I've done, and Cody Rhodes takes a cheap shot. What kind of coward takes a cheap shot like that on somebody who is struggling?! I don't get it, and then you pop up and start talking to me."

With another loss on his record and JBL in his rearview mirror, Corbin now focuses on the future. But he admits that he doesn't "know yet" where that journey might take him: "One thing that would feel good is hurting you right now but I'm not going to do it. I have a long road ahead, but I'm going to figure it out by myself."