Chris Jericho Files Trademark For Old WWE Tag Team Name

One doesn't get as far in wrestling as Chris Jericho without having some tricks up their sleeve. The AEW star has always been on the lookout to reinvent himself, try new things, and occasionally dust off something from his past and make it new again. And according to a recent trademark, he may be looking to do the latter by reuniting with one of his AEW co-workers.

Fightful is reporting that Jericho has filed to trademark the name "Jeri-Show." Jeri-Show is, of course, the name of the team Jericho used with Paul Wight (aka The Big Show) when the duo previously worked together in WWE. The trademark is intended to cover the usual entertainment services in the nature of things such as wrestling contests, live appearances, personal appearances, and other uses. A Jeri-Show reunion would seem to be unlikely on the surface, with Jericho currently continuing his run with the Jericho Appreciation Society stable, while Wight has primarily served as a color commentator for "AEW Dark: Elevation." Wight has noted recently however that he should be able to return to the ring soon, as he continues to heal up from knee replacement surgery.

While Wight and Jericho's full time run as Jeri-Show was brief, lasting only from July 2009 to January 2010, it was highly successful, with Jericho and Wight holding the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship for 140 days. The team ultimately separated after losing the titles to D-Generation X, which forced Jericho, then a "WWE SmackDown" star, back to his brand for good, while Wight remained on "WWE Raw." The duo would unofficially reunite in tag and trios action three times after, though no formal reunion ever occurred.