Kenny Omega Should Jump To WWE When His AEW Contract Is Up

Tony Khan believes there's a "real war" between AEW and WWE, which supposedly started after WWE tried to poach talent from his promotion. So, he probably wasn't thrilled to hear about WWE's reported interest in Kenny Omega, which we should all take with a grain of salt for the time being.


Of course, WWE signing Omega would be a haul and then some. He's part of AEW's very lifeblood after co-founding the company, and he's one of the rare 21st-century talents who didn't need WWE to become a big star. If AEW and WWE are at war, Omega defecting to the enemy would put a dent in AEW's armor.

It remains to be seen if these rumors have any weight to them, but Omega should join WWE — but not for the reasons listed above. The AEW EVP is a performer who's built a career on doing the unexpected, and WWE is the next natural step if he wants to keep testing himself. He isn't getting any younger either, but that doesn't mean that he can't still thrive in WWE.

The potential for dream matches

Kenny Omega joined AEW because he wanted a fresh challenge. After making a name for himself in Japan, he was determined to prove that he could become a star in the United States and perform on weekly television. It's safe to say that he's accomplished these goals. Not only that, but he's established himself as a compelling main eventer, having won the top titles in the company's singles, tag team, and trios divisions.


Still, those weren't Omega's only ambitions when he joined AEW. In an interview with "Wrestling Observer Radio," he revealed that he signed with the promotion because he was enticed by the potential for "dream matches." Since then, he's had some box office showdowns against Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, PAC, and Christian.

There are more enticing matches waiting for Omega in AEW — MJF, CM Punk, Sting, et al. However, the true dream matches are those that seem unattainable. Right now, that's Omega going up against names like Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Who doesn't want to see one of the biggest non-WWE talents face contemporary wrestling icons who've evaded him until now? Additionally, making it in WWE would prove once and for all that Omega can be a main event star anywhere.


WWE's style is easier on the bones

Kenny Omega is becoming "soft" (his words). He's growing older and wiser, and he knows that he can't keep performing his current in-ring style forever. AEW and NJPW's products are more hard-hitting and grueling than WWE's, and as long as Omega is competing in these promotions, he'll always have the temptation to go nuts.


There's an argument to be made that Omega would be neutered in WWE, but that doesn't mean he can't adapt and continue to produce entertaining matches. Omega's injury troubles have been well-documented, so joining WWE and adopting a safer style isn't a bad idea at this stage of his career. His health is more important than breaking Dave Meltzer's star system, but he's talented enough to put on bangers in any promotion.

WWE's house show schedule can be very demanding, but Omega would have the luxury of being selective with his dates. He's an EVP of the company's biggest rival, and WWE executives would be probably happy to cater to most of his demands if it meant getting him to jump ship.

Things have changed in WWE

The future of WWE is uncertain at the moment. The company is up for sale and Vince McMahon overseeing creative duties and squandering talent is always a risk. Right now, though, Triple H is in charge of the product, and that bodes well for a wrestler like Kenny Omega.


Joining WWE never appealed to Omega before. He felt that he'd be handcuffed and not allowed to express himself. He might still have those concerns, but if Cody Rhodes' current push tells us anything, it's that WWE is open to letting former AEW stars cut loose and occupy a main event spotlight. Omega is an established name now, and WWE would be foolish to strip away his personality.

In addition, WWE is less likely to bury someone like Omega these days. Rhodes trash-talked the company for years, only to return and be rewarded with a WWE WrestleMania 39 main event. Omega has always been quite respectful toward WWE, and that can't hurt his chances of being treated fairly there.