Buff Bagwell Provides Latest Health Update, How His Idea Of Returning To The Ring Is Affected

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell has been very vocal in the recent past about his sobriety journey and the issues related to it, including the setbacks he's dealt with as well as with the progress he has made. Appearing as a special guest on the latest episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know?" with Brian "Road Dogg" James, Bagwell opened up about the severity of a crash-related knee injury he first sustained in 2020, along with his desire to get back in the ring soon.

"I just had great, great news yesterday," Bagwell said. Initially, Bagwell was told that they would need to wait for all of his wounds to heal, then the doctors would install a medicated rod in his leg, and then at a point in the future he would need a knee replacement. Now, the WCW veteran has learned, provided his knee doesn't have any traces of an infection, he will be able to skip the rod and go straight to a knee replacement.

"If this one test comes back where there's no infection in my knee, I'm literally a few months away from starting a journey of getting back in the ring," Bagwell continued. The news about Bagwell's knee is certainly welcome, as the former WCW World Tag Team Champion was reportedly looking at possible amputation last fall.

Bagwell has been very clear about his plans to wrestle again and, as long as he continues receiving positive updates regarding his knee injury, it seems likely he will make that dream come true sometime in 2023. As of now, Bagwell's last match took place for WrestlePro in Anchorage, Alaska in October of last year. Only time will tell when and where the former WCW performer pops up this year, but it's clear that he's intent on making it happen.