Ludwig Kaiser's Father Originated Imperium's 'The Mat Is Sacred' Catchphrase

In early April of last year, GUNTHER and Ludwig Kaiser made their main roster debut on "WWE SmackDown," and two months later, GUNTHER became the Intercontinental Champion. But who is behind their in-ring style and demeanor? GUNTHER explained on "The Bump" that Kaiser's father is to thank for that.

"I have to say, to his (Kaiser's) dad, he inspired all of us because that's where our identity comes from," GUNTHER began. "Obviously Gio, we connected later, so it was a little bit different perhaps. But there was a heavy influence on all of us."

Kaiser wasted little time in agreeing with GUNTHER's opinion. "100 percent, down to the 'The mat is sacred' and all that kind of stuff. My dad, I remember a very young age, whenever there were some kind of festivity or whatever, he would always raise his glass and say, 'The mat is sacred.' A lot of the things that we say, and to a certain extent portray on TV is what we actually think ... what I was taught when I was a little boy."

Since making "SmackDown" their home, it is a quote that has defined them, and is also a testament to GUNTHER's historic championship reign. Fast forward to the present and Imperium is whole once more, as the aforementioned Giovanni Vinci returned to the group at Clash at the Castle in September. As it happens, those two share a very strong bond inside and outside of the ring.

"Everything about his mindset, the way he works, the way he approaches things influenced me a lot," Kaiser said of Vinci. "We're literally yin and yang in so many things, we complement each other so well."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "The Bump," with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.