Jimmy Korderas Believes Too Much Blood Makes Blood Mean Nothing

There was plenty of blood on display this week on "AEW Dynamite," with Jungle Boy, Jon Moxley, and Evil Uno all shedding some. However, during his latest "Reffin Rant," former WWE official Jimmy Korderas pointed out that it is all about when you use blood, as he believes it "has to be done occasionally and infrequently to make it special." While WWE rarely makes use of blood in the PG era, Korderas worked for the company during a period when it was used regularly. While some people are against it completely, Korderas believes that "blood is supposed to be a part of professional wrestling," but that doesn't mean he wants to see it as often as AEW is providing it. 

"When it happens every week it means absolutely nothing," he stressed. Jungle Boy had been busted open after being slammed into a chair repeatedly by Christian Cage, meanwhile, Uno heavily bled during the main event which Korderas thought "wasn't necessary." Then after the match, it was Moxley's turn to bleed, as "Hangman" Adam Page attacked him to continue the build to their Texas Death Match. 

While that stipulation obviously pushes violence, Korderas pointed out that "it has become a running gag" with Moxley at this stage when it comes to blood, as people just wait to see when it will happen, rather than if it will. However, whether people want to see it or not, blood has become a defining feature on AEW television.

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