Sami Zayn Explains Why He Turned On Roman Reigns At WWE Royal Rumble

This past Monday on "WWE Raw," Sami Zayn explained to Kevin Owens that his sole goal now is to take down The Bloodline. Last night on "WWE SmackDown," he attempted to get his message through to Jimmy Uso. Part of that message was explaining why he turned on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble, but Uso wasn't having it.

Uso explained to Zayn that by hitting his cousin with a chair he turned his back on him and his brother, Jey. In Jimmy's mind, that left him with little choice but to beat down the former Honorary Uce. Zayn was quick to reply. "Let me tell you what else family doesn't do, okay? They don't make you test your loyalty every single week," Zayn said. "They don't make you jump through hoops just to prove that you're worth something. They don't manipulate you every single week like Roman Reigns did to me, the way Roman Reigns has done to your twin!"

That's when Jey Uso emerged in the crowd, but he wasn't in any hurry to get to the ring. Zayn looked at him for a moment, and that's when Jimmy attacked. Zayn ultimately got the better of the altercation, hitting a Helluva Kick on Jimmy while Jimmy pleaded for his brother to help him. However, Jey never stepped over the barricade. When Solo Sikoa came down to the ring to help his fallen Uce, Zayn escaped through the crowd.