Ronda Rousey Not Happy Being Fed 'Crumbs' In WWE

There was a limited amount of action from the women's division on the latest "WWE SmackDown," and that is something Ronda Rousey highlighted during a Twitter argument with Bayley. After the Damage CTRL leader told Rousey to spell the name of the Women's Tag Team Champions right in a previous tweet, the former UFC star snapped back. "Women wrestled for just 2 minutes of last Friday's 2 hour show," Rousey tweeted. "You may be satiated living off the crumbs we're thrown but I'm not." 


Rousey had been pointing out that Dakota Kai and IYO SKY rarely defend their titles, and despite Bayley telling her to turn up at live events, that isn't something that happened this weekend when Rousey was in town. "Btw I was there last night in good old Champaign, Illinois watching you get your a** beat — where your defending champs at?" she asked on Twitter.

Rousey has been focusing on tag team wrestling as of late alongside Shayna Baszler, and it has been reported that the two former MMA stars are expected to be competing for the titles at WWE WrestleMania 39. However, who will be holding those titles remains to be seen, because while they haven't been defended in a while, Kai and SKY will be putting them on the line tomorrow night on "WWE Raw" as they face Lita and Becky Lynch


Interestingly, Rousey is reportedly scheduled to be at "Raw" this week, which could lead to her online spat with Bayley becoming physical. But, will this be the start of her quest to claim the Women's Tag Team Championship?