Trish Stratus Returns To Help Becky Lynch And Lita Win WWE Women's Tag Titles

Becky Lynch and Lita have found a Hall of Fame-level equalizer in their ongoing feud against Damage CTRL.

They did so in the form of Trish Stratus, who — after being rumored to return to WWE programming for weeks — finally showed up on the 2/27 "WWE Raw" in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Lynch & Lita challenged IYO SKY & Dakota Kai for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. By the end of the night, Lynch & Lita were crowned new champions, courtesy of an assist from Stratus.

As was expected, Bayley interfered at various points of the match, and nearly succeeded in helping her stablemates continue their 115-day reign as champions. However, in the closing moments, Stratus ran down to the ring and neutralized Bayley, allowing Lynch and Lita to regain control of the bout. Once Bayley was taken out of the equation, Lynch locked in the Disarm-Her on Kai, which gave Lita the opening to nail the Lita-Sault on SKY for the pinfall victory. Stratus, Lita and Lynch celebrated together in the ring as "Raw" went off the air. 

After the show, Lita and Lynch were asked if they had Stratus "up their sleeve" the whole time seeing as they needed to level the playing field against Damage CTRL.

"Yes, we put a plan together, and there was only one person on the list," Lita told Cathy Kelley

Lynch then got emotional talking about Lita and Stratus "changing the game for all of us" and paving the way for the women of her generation.

Fans on social media believe WWE could be building to a six-woman match pitting Lita, Stratus & Lynch against Damage CTRL at WrestleMania 39. There were previously rumblings of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler showing up on "Raw" to confront the tag titleholders, seeing as they had set their sights on the belts in recent furthers. Furthermore, Rousey was advertised to appear on the show in Michigan.