Dominik Mysterio Discusses The Origins Of 'Prison Dom'

Dominik Mysterio has seen a massive character transformation since turning heel on his father Rey Mysterio at Clash at the Castle — with a major point since the turn being his storyline arrest right before Christmas. Following his one day stint in jail, Dominik developed a new nickname for himself, "Prison Dom," which has received much attention.


Former "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Champion Dominik discussed the origins of the nickname and the comparisons to "The Office's" Prison Mike character. "I don't even know how it got thrown out there," Dominik said appearing on "Inside The Ropes." "I feel like it was almost just like ... a joke from my end where I, where I kind of just threw out this like, Prison Mike stuff and Finn had actually gotten, like, memes about it earlier because he came out with the bandana and everyone was comparing him to Prison Mike. But then I just threw it out there as a joke and then the next thing we're doing is we're filming me like kind of hardened out of jail ... Prison Dom all the way."

Dominik has found a new edge to him over the past few months, mentioning multiple times on "WWE Raw" and recently "SmackDown" that he has done hard time. Dominik continues to tempt fate, as, even though he was arrested for bothering Rey outside of WWE, he wound up doing the same during Valentine's Day. It appears that Dominik may face off against his father at WrestleMania 39, however, Rey has been adamant onscreen about not striking his son.


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