The Gunns Listen To Feedback Via Podcasts And Social Media To See What They're Doing Right

Early last month, Austin and Colton Gunn shockingly captured the AEW World Tag Team Championship by defeating The Acclaimed, vaulting to the top of the company's tag team division in the process. Still, the Gunn brothers are relatively fresh in the wrestling business, and are therefore always trying to learn and improve — just not necessarily in the ways one might think. During a recent appearance on "Under the Ring," Austin and Colton revealed one of the things they do to receive feedback on their performances.

"Well, me and Colton, we always like to check in on podcasts and listen to podcasts ... just to see if we're doing the right things," Austin said. "And then of course you can't ignore Twitter. Everybody hates us on Twitter, everybody hates us on Instagram. Sometimes over time, you look at that and you go, 'Am I doing the wrong thing? Am I doing everything right?' And then I look at Colton and go, 'Hell yeah, we're doing the right thing.'" By looking at popular opinion online and seeing the overwhelmingly negative responses they're getting from fans, the Gunns have taken that to mean they're doing their job as villains. Austin went on to talk about the live crowd's reaction after they defeated The Acclaimed, stating proudly that they "ripped their hearts out."

For their first title defense since winning the belts, the Gunns are set to compete in a four-way tag match at AEW Revolution. The Acclaimed is set to be one of the teams taking part in the match, giving the fan-favorite duo a chance to reclaim the championship they lost in February.