Rebel Reportedly No Longer Being Used By AEW In Wake Of Baker/Hayter Face Turn

Rebel might have been a key part of Britt Baker's group throughout the DMD's reign as AEW Women's World Champion, but the same cannot be said for Jamie Hayter's. The reason for Rebel's absence is that AEW has decided not to use her anymore at present, according to the Wrestling Observer. Baker and Hayter recently turned face as part of the AEW originals vs AEW outsiders storyline, and the belief is that Rebel didn't work as part of the act at this point in time, hence her being taken off television lately. It is currently unknown if Rebel will end up returning alongside Hayter and Baker down the line, but it appears that for now it isn't in the plans. 

Hayter and Baker had spent their time working as heels prior to feuding against Saraya and Toni Storm, and Rebel was often found at ringside during their matches, cheating to help her partners get wins. However, Rebel could have been pushed as an original herself, considering the fact she began working with AEW in 2019. 

While Rebel originally joined AEW in a backstage role working on hair and makeup for talent, she ended up transitioning into an onscreen role in 2020. Throughout her run so far, Rebel has only worked a limited number of matches, with her most recent in August of last year during an episode of "AEW Dark." It remains to be seen what is next for Rebel, since she's no longer being used with Baker and Hayter.