Former WWE Official Jimmy Korderas Weighs In On AEW Face Of The Revolution Finish

The role of a referee in a ladder match was the topic of debate in wrestling this week following the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match on "AEW Dynamite." The officials could visibly be seen holding ladders in place at several points in the match. That included the conclusion where several held it steady for Powerhouse Hobbs to climb, leading to inevitable complaints from fans on social media. 

At least one AEW referee has already weighed in on the safety of the wrestlers being the most important thing in those moments. Now, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas is adding his perspective to the discourse, having held a ladder or two in place during his career. During his latest "Reffin Rant," he claimed that while he doesn't see an issue with referees helping to decrease the risk in these types of matches, it can be done "in a discrete fashion so it doesn't look like the talent got an assist from the referee."

"The referees were very overt in holding ladders for several spots," he said. "I get it — the safety of the talent is paramount, but at the same time, you can do it discreetly or not shoot it at all. It falls on production. It falls on the referees. It falls on everybody. Get a bigger ladder; do something else." 

Hobbs was able to claim the brass ring at the end of his climb, earning himself a TNT Championship match next week on "Dynamite" against either Wardlow or Samoa Joe. However, if not for him, these questions about a ref's role might not have even occurred. Hobbs mangled said ladder when he ran through it to smash Konosuke Takeshita off his own ascent. The wrecked ladder then needed to be secured by others for Hobbs to make his way up the rungs to victory. 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Reffin Rant" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.