Matt Hardy Explains Why Jeff Hardy's Recovery Will Be 'Different This Time'

Since debuting with AEW in March 2022, things haven't gone to plan for Jeff Hardy. He was arrested in June for yet another DUI, then was promptly suspended indefinitely by AEW President Tony Khan and required to complete treatment. Fast forward to the present and his brother Matt believes we're going to see a new version of Jeff coming out of this. On the latest episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," he explained why.

"That's absolutely understandable, and I don't blame them," Hardy told Jon Alba when it was suggested that many might think we've heard this all before. "I probably would too if I was a skeptic on the outside looking in."

Substance abuse issues have followed Jeff throughout his life and career, but his older brother believes that a different mindset is what will make Jeff stay on the right path this time. And hopefully, he'll be able to share his story with others that are struggling as well. "He just went into it with a different mentality," Hardy continued. "He's never been this scared before." Originally, they wanted him to go to prison for months but he was ultimately sentenced to 38 days.

"I think one of the biggest things you're going to see about Jeff Hardy going forward is how he wants to share this story, and try and help other people now. That's something he's been very adamant in already."

While Khan has offered up his support at every juncture since the arrest and suspension, he was also adamant at the time that this would be Hardy's "last chance" if he wanted to stay in AEW. Although for what it's worth, a return to the ring appears to be the last thing on Matt's and Jeff's minds at the moment. 

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