Cody Rhodes Calls Dusty Element Of WWE Title Story 'As Real As It Gets'

As we're less than a month away from WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes and Romans Reigns officially had their first face-to-face encounter on the March 3 edition of "SmackDown," preparing for the main event of the Los Angeles show. Similar to every storyline Rhodes has been involved in since returning, the conversation heavily involved his legendary father Dusty Rhodes, and his relationship with Reigns during their time together in "NXT," despite Cody saying it hasn't always been his call to include his father in storylines.


According to the 2023 men's Royal Rumble winner during an interview with WrestleBinge by Sportskeeda, Cody revealed that he's made it clear on some nights that he's not going to talk about his father, but on those nights despite his plea, "the other guy talks about Dusty." An example of that came during the previously mentioned encounter with Reigns. Cody stated he wasn't interested in the idea of including his father in the storyline but "The Tribal Chief" felt he had a very unique relationship with Dusty, making the storyline once again feel more real for Cody.

"In an industry where there's a suspension of disbelief and areas of grey, this is the most real anything has ever been," Cody said. "Trying to win a title that my family never touched, the last opportunity they had for it was in the late-70s. It's as real as it gets."


'Finishing The Story'

"Coming back from a very real injury and trying to make it to the Royal Rumble, to being eaten alive by GUNTHER until I was able to eliminate him is very real," Cody continued. "I like that, I prefer that. I have the responsibility but also to a degree, the burden of the character I play is myself. That's what makes finishing the story sound even better because it's a real story."


In continuing to talk about how real this story is, Rhodes said he really hasn't discussed the build to WrestleMania with his brother Dustin, despite the story revolving around their father and family. The men's Rumble winner said selfishly he just wants "to experience it all" himself, not wanting to beat other people over the head with talk of him being in the main event, mentioning that he will speak to his brother and family the day before the big show.

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