Rhea Ripley Teases Liv Morgan As A Potential Future Member Of WWE's Judgment Day

Finn Balor has been open about the fact that he is hoping to recruit more members to The Judgment Day after WrestleMania, and during a recent interview with "WWE Deutschland" Rhea Ripley named her former tag team partner Liv Morgan as someone she'd like to see join them. 

Her craziness, resilience, and the fact that Ripley believes she "could be capable of so much more" are all reasons why Ripley thinks that the former "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion would be an ideal future member of the group.

"I think that she would suit The Judgment Day extremely well," Ripley said. "I think that if she decided to join us we could take her to the next level and show her her true potential. 

Few people know Morgan better than Ripley due to the fact they worked as a team, even winning the Women's Tag Team Championship together. Ripley even admitted that she has asked Morgan "many, many times" to join the group, but so far the answer has been no, even though Ripley is seemingly open to them teaming up again.

"I believe that yes, we would be a tag team again and I think that we could conquer everything if she decided to join," she said. "But ... she's very stubborn and she wants to do her own thing, props to her, but the door is always open."

Morgan has been pushing a more violent side of herself in recent months and has spoken about wanting to be more extreme inside the ring, but whether or not that will lead to a heel turn and a run with The Judgment Day remains to be seen. 

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