Paul Wight Reveals Why He Left WWE To Join AEW

Paul Wight was one of many noteworthy WWE legends to make the move to AEW back in 2021. Upon signing with the company, Wight assumed the role of color commentator for "AEW Dark: Elevation" and eventually made his in-ring debut for the company at AEW All Out 2021 against QT Marshall.


While Wight has only competed in three matches since that point, he remains a proud member of the AEW roster. With that being said, his 21 years of hard work and dedication to WWE cannot be understated. In a recent interview on the Deuce and Mo radio show, Wight explained why and how he wound up leaving WWE to go to AEW. "When you have a lot of passion and you have more things that you want to personally accomplish, sometimes taking yourself out of a very comfortable environment challenges yourself," Wight proclaimed. "It was more of a deep-down personal thing that I really needed to push myself to not be complacent."

Wight recalled the elements of his later years with WWE that made him complacent, saying, "I was very comfortable in WWE, I was treated well... [I had] great relationships with the management and production, I don't have any hard feelings with anyone there at all."


The man formerly known as Big Show saw a lot of potential for him within AEW and decided a change of scenery was necessary. While he hasn't competed inside the ring in nearly a year, Wight still has a few names to cross off his list before calling it a day. "For me, being too comfortable is like death... I want to be challenged," Paul Wight concluded.