Orange Cassidy Reveals Thoughts On AEW International Title Rebrand, Favorite Ocean

Orange Cassidy was promoted recently thanks to the new movie "Shazam: Power of The Gods," as his AEW All-Atlantic Championship was "leveled up" to the AEW International Championship. According to a new interview with Esquire Middle East, Cassidy is as thrilled with the upgrade as someone of his muted existence can be.


"I don't know if just reigning over one ocean was good enough for me," Cassidy told the publication. "Like, why not just do them all?" 

Despite the new title, Cassidy still holds a special place in his heart for the Atlantic Ocean, telling Esquire Middle East that it is his favorite ocean. "I was king of it once."

Cassidy is set to defend his AEW International Championship against Jeff Jarrett on "AEW Dynamite," with the match coming one week after Cassidy defended the title against Jarrett's tag team partner, Jay Lethal. AEW World Champion MJF has said he is rooting for Jarrett to win the title on his birthday edition of "Dynamite" in Winnipeg. Should Jarrett win, it would mean that Jarrett has held championships in the '80s, '90s, '2000s, 2010s and 2020s — five different decades.


Cassidy has held the title since October, winning the belt from inaugural champion PAC in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It will be the first defense of the title under its new moniker. AEW had reportedly been planning to change the All-Atlantic title's name for months, including commissioning a new belt, and prides themselves on making their cross-promotional announcements with Warner Bros Discovery as newsworthy as possible.