Dax Harwood Heaps Praise On Former WWE NXT Opponents Chad Gable And Jason Jordan

FTR has had multiple rivalries throughout its time in WWE and AEW, with one of the most notable being against American Alpha in 2016 while with "NXT." The two teams put on memorable matches and made tag team wrestling feel important, which wasn't always the case on WWE shows. While re-watching the Takeover: Dallas match between FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) against American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan), Harwood heavily praised his opponents.

"I still talk to Chad Gable today. I talked to him right before his match with Baron Corbin," Harwood said on "FTR with Dax." "I love him to death. ... I think Chad Gable is the most underrated wrestler in the world right now." Harwood is not alone in his belief that Gable is underrated, as he has been compared to Kurt Angle but has never had the chance to shine as a singles competitor.

As for his thoughts on Jordan, Harwood said: "Maybe the greatest hot tag of all time, as far as intensity goes. He was incredibly strong, like effortlessly strong." Unfortunately for Jordan, his in-ring career was cut short due to injuries, which led to him retiring at just 29. "Could have and should have been a huge star," Harwood said. "Unfortunately he had some neck issues which he was even dealing with [in April 2016]."

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