Edge Invites 'The Demon' Finn Bálor To Meet Him At WrestleMania 39

Edge has urged Finn Bálor to bring his "Demon" persona for their upcoming Hell in a Cell bout at WrestleMania 39.

On last night's "WWE Raw," Edge spoke from a dark room as he explained why he feels "at home" inside the Hell in a Cell structure.

"I've been baptized inside the cell by The Deadman himself!" Edge stressed. "The cell has become my hard-won friend, my partner, my cathedral of pain. It rewards me for the streak that runs through me. You cannot become what you need to become by remaining what you are."

"Finn, you and I are two men who clearly understand that," Edge continued. "I grasped what you meant when you said that hell couldn't handle your demons." 

"So leave Finn at home, bring your demon to meet the devil. He'd like to meet him."

The segment ended with Edge breaking into sadistic laughter. Fans on social media believe Edge could bring back his "Brood" persona for the match at WrestleMania, a gimmick he used for a match against The Miz at the Day 1 premium live event last year. Edge also used the Attitude Era gimmick during his return at SummerSlam 2022, where he attacked members of The Judgment Day for betraying him.

Meanwhile, Bálor has not utilized his alter-ego since losing to Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules in September 2021. The final sequence of that match was heavily criticized as the top rope snapped just as Bálor prepared to hit Reigns with a Coup de Grace. Subsequently, Bálor noted that he had no intention of utilizing his "Demon" persona unless the moment warranted it. Clearly, the WrestleMania bout against Edge would be a worthy stage.

A recent report from Fightful Select confirmed that WWE had plans for Bálor to bring back his dark persona at WrestleMania 39. The match could potentially be Edge's last-ever match at the Showcase of Immortals, considering that the WWE Hall of Famer has strongly hinted at retiring from in-ring competition at some point this year.