Bobby Fish Discusses His Relationship With AEW CEO Tony Khan

Despite the fact that his run with AEW didn't work out in the long run, Bobby Fish told PWMania that he had what he'd consider "a good relationship" with AEW CEO Tony Khan during that time. 

Fish got the chance to work alongside Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly during his AEW stint, but injuries to both of Fish's partners led to the Undisputed Elite's run falling short of its potential. Fish said he tried to do his job and "kind of flew under the radar," which is what he wanted because he believes Khan is "spread thin" due to how large the roster is and how many jobs Khan has to undertake.

"Like, he's only one man. He's got a lot of people pulling at him from different directions," Fish said. "I would request time if it was needed. But I tried not to be a pain in the ass about it. I would hear murmurs about this person or that person being a pain in the ass. I don't know, sometimes I think the squeaky wheel gets the oil." 

Fish believes that type of behavior "is prevalent in the industry," but it isn't something he was comfortable doing. When his contract was up, the decision was made for it not to be renewed. Fish said it came down to him and the company not agreeing on financial terms