Mike Bennett Believes That The Kingdom's ROH Supercard Of Honor Match Is 'Bigger Than Wrestling'

After vacating the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships to pursue singles gold, Mark Briscoe announced the first-ever Reach For The Sky ladder match for the vacant titles at ROH Supercard of Honor. The match will feature four teams vying for the illustrious titles, with Dralistico and RUSH of LFI, Top Flight, Aussie Open, and The Kingdom's Matt Taven and Micheal Bennett all taking part.

Bennett's wife, Marie Kanellis-Bennett, took to Twitter to release a video of her husband ahead of the Reach For The Sky ladder match, in which he explained exactly what the match means to him. "It's been a really long and hard few months," Bennett confessed, "I've been dealing with my emotions and I don't know quite how I feel, but tonight when I put on this Briscoe Brothers shirt and a dog collar around my neck... for the first time in a long time I felt alive."

The Kingdom had a long history with The Briscoes, feuding with the brothers throughout the first half of the 2010s. That rivalry was briefly reignited when the two teams met again for the first time in six years at ROH Death Before Dishonor 2021. "When it was The Kingdom vs. The Briscoe Brothers from 2014 and 2015, I felt alive, and I need to feel alive because, on March 31st, we're gonna reach for the sky, boy." Bennett said triumphantly.

Due to Bennett and Tavens' bond with The Briscoes, the former WWE Superstar clarified just how much the match truly means to them. "This ladder match, the Ring of Honor tag belts... It's bigger than wrestling to The Kingdom," Bennett proclaimed, "This is about [Jay Briscoe], the man who made my career... March 31 is bigger than wrestling."