Dominik Mysterio On WWE Raw: 'I Wish Eddie Was My Real Father'

Dominik Mysterio has admitted in several interviews that he's been emulating his late storyline father, Eddie Guerrero, to generate heat for his heel character. In fact, Dominik has gone to the extent of getting the go-ahead from Vickie Guerrero to continue evoking the name of Eddie for the purposes of furthering his on-screen rivalry with his real father, Rey Mysterio. 


On last night's "WWE Raw," an irate Dominik continued to berate his family for their failure to protect him, but it was the concluding portion of his promo that triggered an unpleasant gasp from fans in Phoenix, Arizona.

"What kind of father hits his own son? What kind of mother sits there and does nothing? The silence was deafening," Dominik said, referring to the now-viral segment from last week's "WWE SmackDown" where Rey finally accepted his son's WrestleMania 39 challenge. "I should have told my mom to shut up a long time ago."

Dominik then referenced the "Custody Of Dominik Ladder Match" between Rey and Eddie in 2005, which Rey won. 

"Dad, I've never said this out loud, but I wish Eddie was my real father and you never existed," Dominik said while staring into the camera. "Because my entire family is a disgrace to the Mysterio name, and the Mysterio name will be mine at WrestleMania."


Dominik's emotionally-charged promo was followed by a singles bout between Rey and Damian Priest, which ended in a DQ finish. After the match, Dominik and Priest attacked Rey until Legado del Fantasma made the save.

As Dominik continues to pay homage to Eddie — through his mannerisms, fashion sense, and mullet — fans on social media have suggested the possibility of Dominik arriving for his match in Eddie's trademark low rider at WrestleMania 39. Dominik has also been performing Eddie's signature shimmy and frog splash to further emulate the late wrestler. 

Rey vs. Dominik this weekend will mark the first instance of a father vs. son match at WrestleMania since WrestleMania 17, where Vince McMahon battled his son Shane McMahon.