Teaming Up With Bad Bunny Is One Of Charlotte Flair's Biggest Future Ambitions In WWE

Bad Bunny is set to return to WWE as host of Backlash, but could he end up performing in mixed tag team action? Charlotte Flair certainly hopes so, as she admitted to "The Athletic" that having a mixed tag team match with the popular musician is on her bucket list of things to achieve in wrestling.  Bunny has impressed during his previous in-ring appearances at WrestleMania 37 and Royal Rumble 2022, and admitted that competing alongside Damian Priest was the greatest day of his life. Because of that, there has been plenty of speculation that he would be open to wrestling again, and Flair praised him for being "a student of the game."


"I hope he (reads) this: I have never asked to take a picture with a celebrity when they've come backstage, but I was like, "Can I please get a picture with Bad Bunny?" What he has accomplished within our industry is incredible," she said. "It just goes to show how much respect he has for what we do and how, when he puts his mind to something, he goes for it 100 percent. I thought it was really cool."

With Flair currently feuding against Rhea Ripley, there could be an opportunity for a major mixed tag team match that would see "Mami" team with her Judgment Day partner Priest, who just so happens to be Puerto Rican. With Backlash taking place in Puerto Rico, he is someone who would likely be featured on the card, and his history with Bad Bunny as former tag team partners could be something WWE plays on.