AEW's Swerve Strickland Wants Wrestling To Have More 'Crossover' Moments

Swerve Strickland has been on a mission to bring more eyes to professional wrestling. While Strickland has recently spoken about bringing the attention of more women to professional wrestling, he also has eyes on another objective. In an interview with The Athletic, Strickland talked about featuring more crossover elements, such as Rick Ross' recent AEW appearances, to professional wrestling.

"That's a cultural crossover, and the goal is to get as much of that as possible," Strickland said about Ross' AEW appearances, "It's cool to come to a wrestling show, to an AEW show. It's cool to wear the Mogul Affiliates as part of our cultural wear."

Strickland said he knows people who know about Ross' "false accusations" moment with Keith Lee that don't watch wrestling. In addition to the backstage encounter with Lee, Ross also called Lee a "big motherf*****" live on "AEW Dynamite." He said that these kinds of cultural moments are what made wrestling so culturally relevant in the '90s, and made it easier to enjoy without being a hardcore fan.

Ross' AEW appearance isn't the only crossover moment that Strickland has brought to AEW. On the March 25 "AEW Rampage," he appeared in a backstage video alongside rapper Tech N9ne. The episode of "Rampage" in question was taped in the rapper's hometown, Kansas City.

The rest of Strickland's Mogul Affiliates faction haven't been on screen recently. Parker Bordeaux wrestled alongside Strickland in a tag team match against Lee and Dustin Rhodes on the March 3 episode of "Rampage" in a losing effort.