Impact Star Jordynne Grace Sets Ambitious Goals As She Makes Bodybuilding Debut

Over the last several years, Jordynne Grace has become one of the more accomplished women's wrestlers in the US, winning Impact's Knockouts Championship, the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, and the Digital Media Title to become the first Knockouts Triple Crown winner in Impact Wrestling history. In between, she's also found time to win titles on the indies, in the UK's PROGRESS Wrestling, and the Lucha Libre World Cup in Mexico. But while she's been conquering the ring, Grace has also been involved in the world of powerlifting, where she's set several records in Georgia. And now she's looking to take the next step into bodybuilding, revealing to Sports Illustrated that she has some pretty lofty goals for the profession. 

"I want to be the first pro wrestler to ever go to The Arnold [Classic]," Grace said, referring to the bodybuilding competition named for Arnold Schwarzenegger. "That's my dream." It won't be an easy dream to achieve however, and Grace is well aware of how different preparing for bodybuilding competitions will be compared to her pro wrestling and powerlifting training. "Bodybuilding doesn't go with pro wrestling," Grace said. "I feel so weak. You're putting your body through extremely intense stress. It leaves you exhausted."

Grace's bodybuilding ambitions have also left her receiving complaints from wrestling fans on social media about changes to the way she looks. Grace isn't letting those comments get her down though, and is instead looking to them as inspiration. "I've gotten relentless hate about the way I look on social media," Grace said. "I've heard I was too big or that I was too short, now I hear that I'm too muscular and I look like a man. I am here to prove that you can do whatever you want to, especially if you use those negative comments as fuel."