'Surreal' For Rey Mysterio To Share Two Big WWE WrestleMania Moments With Son Dominik

Despite their onscreen friction, Rey Mysterio is excited to share the WrestleMania stage with his son Dominik once again. Last April, the father-son duo teamed up to face Logan Paul and The Miz at the annual event, but this year, Rey and Dominik find themselves in opposite corners, as they prepare to battle each other on night one of WrestleMania 39.

In a recent appearance on "WWE After The Bell," Rey was asked what it meant for him to be part of these huge moments with his son. "Putting the story aside and just grasping this moment, that's the grandest stage, and being able to share it with my son in a ring is so surreal," Rey said. "We talked about it, my son and I, when he first started training, 'Imagine the day that we get to wrestle together. Imagine the day that we possibly get a title opportunity and we're both tag team champions. Imagine the day that we get to face each other.'"

Now, all of those hopes have become a reality for the Mysterios. Before Dominik's heel turn at Clash at the Castle last September, the father-son tandem had found decent success in the tag team realm, capturing the "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Championship on one occasion, before being unseated by The Usos. After linking up with The Judgement Day though, Dominik began to forge his own path and transform his character. Rey may not be fond of the choices his son has made since then, but he admits that Dominik's growth has been undeniable, and for that, Rey is extremely proud. 

If you use any quotes from this interview, please credit "WWE After The Bell" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.