Dakota Kai Says It's 'Special' For Herself And Others To Represent Their Home Countries At WWE WrestleMania - Exclusive

Dakota Kai is gearing up to make her WrestleMania debut tonight as she and Damage CTRL prepare to compete against Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus, and the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion is excited for her first Mania match.

"I'm pumped to kick Trish Stratus in the face," she laughed during an exclusive interview with Wrestling INC.'s Senior Lead News Editor Miles Schneiderman.

While the six-woman tag team match has no shortage of star power, it also highlights the global representation that WWE provides. Kai admitted that it's cool to see how many different nations are being represented in this match. The encounter features talent from America, Canada, Japan, Ireland, and New Zealand, which Kai believes is "very special" for them as wrestlers.

"We just realized this the other day, we're thinking about all the places that we actually represent and being a part of this match," she said. "I want to represent New Zealand. I want to represent Samoa. IYO wants to represent Japan, so it's a very big deal for us, I think, to be able to be all-encompassing, and it reflects the division, the diversity that we have."

While Kai is currently involved in her own faction, the idea of The Bloodline adding a female talent is something that has always been discussed. While names like Tamina and Naomi have typically been associated with that, Kai also has Samoan heritage.

"Yeah, I've got the blood, so let's just do the rest of it, right?" she laughed. "Because they need someone else, yeah? Cool."

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