Rey Mysterio Nearly Called It Quits After Program With Samoa Joe

Rey Mysterio is coming off one of the biggest weekends of his career at WrestleMania 39. Not only did he get to have a match with his son Dominik on the card and share such a moment with his family, but he was also inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. But with that latter honor, Mysterio has been emphatic that he is not retiring. However, the veteran revealed to "WWE's After The Bell" that he nearly called it quits on his career back in 2019 during his feud against Samoa Joe.

The two men competed at WrestleMania 35 in a match that lasted less than a minute, which is why Mysterio "really wanted to hang up the mask and retire." But fans owe thanks to his now-hated offspring for the fact that he is still entertaining fans to this day. "Dominik convinced me not to and told me to stay," he said. "I just felt like I was falling behind with all this young talent opening up a path, but I stayed and I committed to putting in the work and it's been incredible ever since."

Giving the new talent the chance to shine with their own style was a big factor in Mysterio wanting to retire as he was "really having doubts" about his own performances at that time. However, as he has proven since, the lucha legend can still able to compete at the highest level. "Shortly after, I went to do some stem cells and I came back and I was ready to go," Mysterio revealed — with the treatment being something he has often credited for his longevity in wrestling.

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