Mercedes Mone Makes Unexpected Return To The Mandalorian In Season 3

Spoilers below for The Mandalorian season 3, episode 6.

Despite previously claiming that she wouldn't be showing up in season 3, Mercedes Mone has made an unexpected return to the hit Disney+ series, "The Mandalorian" during the latest episode. In the sixth episode of season 3, the current IWGP Women's Champion made her return as Koska Reeves in several scenes, showing up regularly throughout the story. While she only had limited dialogue and no fight scenes like she had previously, it is a clear sign that her character does have a future in the "Star Wars" universe. 


Mone's Reeves has previously tangled with Boba Fett in a fight scene that saw her bring the classic DDT wrestling move to a galaxy far, far away, saving Baby Grogu in the process. While there is no confirmation at this point where Mone will be seen again this season, there is certainly an opportunity for her to be make her presence felt in further episodes. This is especially true since the group of privateers that Reeves was part of seemed to join back up with two of the shows leading characters; Bo-Katan and Din Dinjarin. Mone took to Twitter once the episode dropped on Disney+ to comment on the situation, sharing an image of her "Star Wars" character that had been knitted, alongside her as a wrestler with the IWGP Women's Championship.


"What a week the best life, #Mandalorian #SGNJ," she said in another tweet, sharing an image of her "Mandalorian" return while also hyping her upcoming title defense against Hazuki, and AZM at NJPW's Sakura Genesis 2023 event this weekend.