John Oliver Roasts Vince McMahon's Mustache On Last Week Tonight Following WWE-UFC Merger

One month ago, reports circulated that Vince McMahon was backstage at "WWE Raw," and that he was sporting, in one reporter's words, "a creepy little mustache." One week ago, that mustache was revealed to the world when McMahon appeared on CNBC to discuss its brand new deal with Endeavor and UFC, and if you thought a certain British comedian who has been openly critical of WWE in the past was going to let that reveal pass without comment, last night's episode of "Last Week Tonight" proved you definitively wrong.

John Oliver didn't devote much of his weekly HBO news/comedy program to the WWE/Endeavor deal — he expressly had more important things to talk about — but he couldn't resist the opportunity to roast McMahon's appearance, contrasting an older photograph of WWE's executive chairman with a shot from the CNBC interview, or as Oliver referred to it, "clearly an AI-generated response to the prompt 'snake tycoon.'" He then allowed himself 30 seconds to hit McMahon with a rapid-fire series of burns.

"He looks like the answer to the question 'What if Salvador Dali chose to live without imagination,'" Oliver said. "He looks like he's about to challenge someone to a balloon race around the world. He looks like Vincent Price having an allergic reaction to being stung by bees. He looks like a circus owner from the 1930s who harasses the dancers, mistreats the animals for fun, and is eventually murdered by a lion while the whole town cheers. And sadly, that is my time."

Of course, this is far from the first time Oliver has targeted WWE on his program. He famously ripped into the company's deal with Saudi Arabia in 2018, harshly criticized WWE wrestlers' status as independent contractors in 2019, and joked about Ted DiBiase's welfare scandal earlier this year.