AJ Mendez Cast In Supporting Role For Road-Trip Comedy Sacramento

AJ Mendez is set to return to the silver screen.

Deadline is reporting that former-WWE Divas Champion AJ Mendez will appear in the upcoming film "Sacramento," set to begin shooting this spring. The film will star Michael Cera and Michael Angarano as two friends who take an impromptu road trip to Sacramento, California, as they reflect on their pasts and their futures. Angarano is also set to direct and shares a writing credit on the film that will also star Kristen Stewart and Maya Erskine. Mendez is set to play an ex-fighter who helps the main characters understand their friendship better.


Mendez's last acting appearance was the 2019 film "Rabid." She retired from wrestling after a neck injury, while Mendez isn't sure when the injury took place, she says that she's "[keeping her neck] feeling great by not wrestling." Since her retirement, Mendez has been mainly focused on the "WOW: Women of Wrestling" promotion, where Mendez is an executive producer and also provides color commentary for the promotion's syndicated television show. Mendez has not ruled out the possibility of wrestling one day, but says she's taking it "one step at a time."

One of the "WOW" talent, Jazmin Allure referred to Mendez as "like [her] mother," due to how supportive Mendez has been of the talent in the all-women's promotion. The show recently returned to TV, syndicated by Paramount, on September 17 of last year. Earlier this year the fledgling promotion saw its highest rating ever.