David Finlay Teases Reveal Of New Bullet Club Member This Weekend

David Finlay is the latest man to claim the leadership of Bullet Club, and he's looking to recruit. Back in February at New Japan Pro-Wrestling Battle in the Valley, he attacked the faction's unquestioned leader at the time, Jay White, who had just been defeated by Eddie Kingston in a "Loser Leaves NJPW" match. Then, on March 6 at NJPW's 51st Anniversary Show, Finlay was officially recognized as part of Bullet Club when he was accompanied to the ring by White's former manager, Gedo. Now, Finlay has issued a warning to anybody who dares to step in his way.

"This is a quick message to my Bullet Club members past, present, and future," he began. "This weekend at the New Japan Strong pay-per-views, I will be in the building just in case anyone wants to challenge my leadership of my Bullet Club."

Finlay is not the first to seize leadership of this prestigious club by force, and assuming trends continue, he will not be the last. But in between all of them, there have been plenty of members who have come and gone. And with this weekend's slate of NJPW events on the horizon, the four-generation wrestler is ready to bring another into the fold. Specifically, someone who will be replacing El Phantasmo, who at Sakura Genesis last weekend was attacked by Finlay and KENTA as well as ELP's now-former tag team partner Taiji Ishimori, ousting him from the stable.

"To ELP's replacement, I'll say this. We've been talking for weeks now, and you keep telling me that you are ready," Finlay stated. "But this weekend, let's say at Capital Collision, the talking stops and you have to show me. You have to show me that you're sick of being overlooked and underappreciated, just like I was."