Chris Jericho Hopes AEW Can 'Work On' Having More Than Three Hours Of TV Every Week

As per several reports, AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) are currently working on a new two-hour show slated to begin in June. According to Dave Meltzer, the show will likely coincide with the return of CM Punk, who is poised to be a focal figure of the reported Saturday night show on TNT. 

There has also been chatter of an AEW roster split to ensure that a lot of wrestlers — currently underutilized on "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Rampage" — receive more air time via AEW's new television show. This specific idea has caught the attention of Chris Jericho, who strongly believes that AEW could benefit from an additional hour or two of programming every week. 

"There's always ups and downs in any company, but I'd say 99 percent of our locker doesn't want to go anywhere else," Jericho told "Battleground" podcast. "If there is one bad thing, it's that we have only three hours of TV a week, despite having such a huge and talented roster. So, that is something I hope we can work on."

"There's nothing wrong with having a talented roster, we just need to get more reps for some people," Jericho continued. "I feel we're already doing that with House Rules [AEW's live events] and some upcoming news with the opportunity we have — to try and put a spotlight on more people. But, that's the way it goes. When I started [in the early-mid 1990s], there were so many weeks when I wasn't on TV. Both WCW and WWE were like that. It's just the way the business goes sometimes. Obviously, when you become a top star, you get to be on TV. That's what everyone is striving to achieve. The people who are destined to do that will do that."

Fans on social media believe a new AEW show could significantly benefit someone like Miro, who has been away from all AEW programming since September 2022.