Chris Jericho Seemingly Implies He's Not Willing To Work With CM Punk In AEW

With steam picking up on the idea that a CM Punk return to AEW is tentatively in the works, there are still a number of bridges that need to be repaired in order to make such a proposal work, namely between Punk and the members of The Elite. While there are still questions about whether conversations between those parties will occur to hammer out any residual issues, one other name in the AEW locker room appears to remain unwilling to come to the table to do business with CM Punk: Chris Jericho. 


After reportedly engaging in a war of words backstage at All Out during the infamous incident, it's been clear that Jericho has not been a fan of the idea of a Punk comeback. Reports suggested that he'd never let a Punk return happen and would stand against it. Then of course there was Punk's deleted Instagram post singling Jericho out as a "stooge" followed by Jericho claiming AEW would "thrive and survive with or without [Punk]." 

Bad blood exists between the two, and Jericho's tweet in the middle of the night today didn't create a sense of optimism that it's going away anytime soon. With a fan calling upon Jericho's reputation in the industry for working with everyone and always doing what's best for business — attached to a picture of Punk and Jericho seated next to one another at the AEW commentary desk — Jericho seemed dismissive that things were that simple. "Not everyone," he quote-tweeted


Does that imply that Punk is persona non grata for Jericho regardless of what is decided by Tony Khan on bringing the former AEW World Champion back into the mix? Is there a chance that they'd bury the hatchet at some point down the line? A lot of work still needs to be done for a Punk return to go over well in the locker room, and as one of its leaders, Chris Jericho has some choices to make one way or another.