Mina Shirakawa And Waka Tsukiyama Leave Cosmic Angels, Saori Anou Joins At STARDOM Cinderella Finals 2023

Chaos ensued on the last STARDOM event before All-Star Grand Queendom as the main event of the evening saw a split of one of the most popular factions in the company. While many fans wondered about the current strength of Donna Del Mondo due to Himeka's impending retirement from pro wrestling, the group defeated Cosmic Angels at STARDOM Cinderella Tournament Finals 2023 before the Tam Nakano-led group began to crumble after the match. First, it was founding member Mina Shirakawa who announced that she would officially be leaving the group, declaring that her sub-faction, Club Venus, would become its own entity separate from Cosmic Angels. Waka Tsukiyama, the least experienced member of the group, followed suit, thanking Nakano for her leadership before announcing that she would leave the group as well.

This secession, while relatively unexpected, is understandable, considering that Club Venus is a group primarily consisting of foreign wrestlers, and both Waka Tsukiyama and Mina Shirakawa are fluent English speakers. The split also comes just a week away from Mina's biggest championship match to date, as she challenges Saya Kamitani for the Wonder of Stardom Championship on April 23.

While it initially seemed as though the events of the Cinderella Tournament Finals 2023 would leave Cosmic Angels lacking in full-time members, the group didn't walk away from the show empty-handed. After Mina and Tsukiyama left, Joshi freelancer Saori Anou joined the fray, stating her ambitions to join Cosmic Angels. Anou, a seven-year veteran who has competed alongside and against both Natsupoi and Tam Nakano in the past, was welcomed into the group with open arms as the event came to an end.