Kamille Believes NWA Will Put On Another All-Women PPV, Possibly This Year

Women's wrestling appears to be finally starting to get the respect it rightfully deserves. Though there's still a ways to go, a number of monumental steps have recently been taken by major promotions to spotlight their female talent. Holding tournaments like the Mae Young Classic, introducing the Women's Tag Team Championship, and women main-eventing big shows like Wrestlemania are just a few of the ways that WWE in particular has improved their presentation of women. WWE and NWA also organized their first all-women's events in 2018 and 2021 respectively. But since then, many have been clamoring for those events to happen again. According to Kamille, it sounds like the next edition of NWA EmPowerrr is just on the horizon.


Talking with WrestlingNewsCo, the reigning and defending NWA Women's Champion revealed that there have been talks about doing another all-women show. While nothing is concrete at the moment, she's excited about the possibility of all the new rising stars that they could feature on the card. "I think we'll see it again," Kamille said. "Possibly this year. Don't write that down because I don't [know for sure,] but I think it's gonna happen. There's so much talk about it and we got the Joshi girls [and] so many new talents out there. I think that we could have some really, really interesting match-ups."

During the first EmPowerrr, which took place as part of NWA's 73rd anniversary weekend, representatives from a number of promotions including AEW, Impact Wrestling, and AAA were featured on the show. Kamille defeated AEW's Leyla Hirsch to retain her NWA Women's Championship, but based on her comments, maybe she'd like to summon an opponent from Japan to be her next marquee challenger. Hopefully, NWA President Billy Corgan finally makes EmPowerrr 2 happen soon.