Watching Adam Cole Wrestle Again In AEW Made Britt Baker Realize How Precious Life Is

Adam Cole's return from injury created an emotional moment for everyone involved, but none more so than Britt Baker who admitted to "Good Karma Wrestling" that seeing him compete again made her realize "how precious life is." 


Cole spent almost nine months on the shelf after suffering a serious head injury at the AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door event last year, which came shortly after another head injury he sustained. Since that point, he has been working hard to return to action, and that took place against Daniel Garcia on the March 29 episode of "AEW Dynamite." That was a monumental moment for Cole, but Baker was left terrified as the encounter took place.

"I was watching in the back on one of the screens with The Young Bucks and we were kind of all just holding our breath every time he hit the mat like, 'Oh my God, is he going to be okay,'" she said. "It's scary."

Cole's injury issues were so serious that he didn't even know if he would ever be able to return to wrestle again, highlighting the severity of the problem. His road to recovery is something that has been heavily highlighted on the "AEW: All Access" reality show, allowing fans to understand just how much he went through.


"When you remember professional wrestling is inches away from something terrible happening, something going terribly wrong and with his injury, you just realize how precious it is," Baker said. "It puts everything into perspective."

However, it was Cole having to watch Baker in pain on "Dynamite" this week as he was handcuffed to the ropes by Chris Jericho while The Outcasts attacked her with a kendo stick, hinting that some mixed tag team action could be coming. 

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