Tommy Dreamer Says The Usos Deserve Credit For Roman Reigns' Historic WWE Title Reign

Roman Reigns has been WWE Universal Champion since August 2020. Nearly two years later, he'd add the WWE Championship to his collection, unifying the titles to officially become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion — a status he maintains to this day. And while Reigns has been introduced into the conversation of greatest champions of all time as a result of his historic reign, Tommy Dreamer suggested on "Busted Open Radio" that the Usos deserve a massive amount of credit for Reigns being in that spot.

"I don't think this Bloodline storyline would've lasted without the Usos," Dreamer said. "They have been such a key cog to that entire story. I don't think we'd even have the reign of Roman Reigns without the Usos."

That point becomes difficult to argue against considering just how often they've come to Reigns' aid. Most recently, Jimmy got involved in "The Tribal Chief" circumventing Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber and both brothers made their presence felt during the WrestleMania 39 main event when Cody Rhodes proved to be a bigger threat than expected. That doesn't even take into account what the Usos managed to carve out for themselves in the process as the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions for a legendary run of their own. However, when you factor in the cohesiveness of the group and the loyalty they've all shown — Solo Sikoa included — to supporting the "Head of the Table," Dreamer puts them a notch ahead of another classic faction from pro wrestling history.

"I feel [they've] played their role better than when the Four Horsemen were going through towns," he declared. "I feel The Bloodline has far surpassed that...I looked at them like they were four individuals that were all together as a group. But when I look at this Bloodline, I just look at it totally different."

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