Adam Cole On Scary Brain Test Results After AEW Forbidden Door Concussion

AEW star Adam Cole made his return to the ring late last month after a nine-month absence, defeating Daniel Garcia on the March 29 episode of "AEW Dynamite." Cole's absence was due to a pair of very serious concussions suffered in a short span of time, and his recovery has been chronicled on "AEW All Access" over the last month. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Cole provided some additional details on his state following the two concussions.


"I've never shared this before," Cole said. "Two months after my concussion at Forbidden Door, I was seeing a brain doctor three times a week. After two months of not being cleared for anything but going for walks, I took this brain test. I had to move my head back and forth, and there was a letter E moving up, down, left, or right. I had to say which direction it was facing. Pro athletes are supposed to score a 120. I scored a 38." 

If the AEW star had scored just a few points less, he would've no longer been allowed to operate a motor vehicle legally. From the point of that test on, Cole said that he was not just concerned about being able to return to wrestling, but for his overall quality of life.


After many months of recovery, Cole visited his doctor and took the same test again, this time scoring 160. After returning to AEW programming with a victory against Garcia, Cole has now entered a feud with AEW veteran Chris Jericho. With just over a month left until the company's next pay-per-view, Double or Nothing, Cole vs. Jericho feels like all but a lock to appear on the card.