Jimmy Korderas Is Worried The WWE World Heavyweight Title Is Going To Be 'Dilution'

Ever since Paul "Triple H" Levesque announced the return of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on "WWE Raw" this week, the debate has been raging among fans and pundits about whether or not it is a good call. During his latest "Reffin Rant,"Jimmy Korderas weighed in and admitted, "I am just worried having another championship is going to be dilution." The new champion will be crowned at Night Of Champions in May, with Levesque pushing the idea that it wlll be defended regularly, which is the opposite of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship right now. However, with this making three World titles, Korderas questions whether another one is needed.

"As a fan, I don't like the idea, but as an analyst I get it," Korderas said. "From a business standpoint, I understand that USA Network and FOX want their own specific champions ... I like having one World Champion going between brands, regardless of whether you're having them brand specific. But this is going to hurt the US Title and the IC Title, in my opinion." 

It remains to be seen whether Reigns' titles will remain two separate and distinct belts or if they will be officially merged into one moving forward. However, the new World Heavyweight Championship is set to be on whichever brand Reigns isn't after the upcoming WWE Draft. Considering how long the "Tribal Chief" has been holding gold, there are question marks over whether fans will view the new title as on the same level, but Levesque was reportedly keen for each brand to have a World Champion after the draft took place. 

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